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The inspiration and support for my work comes from the ancient Chinese philosophy – Taoism:

living in dynamic equilibrium with our environment, in harmonious relationship with others, the world around, and ultimately striving for a peaceful way of being.

Taoism is very much about being fully present with whatever the moment brings, and I have found this to be a powerful guide in life, keeping me grounded and connected to my inner wisdom. For me, this leads to a renewed sense of purpose, and wide open possibilities, as well as deeper authenticity, more loving relationships, and even a sense of peace.

I don’t believe in coincidences, or mistakes, but that our entire past has brought us to where we are, and that it’s up to us to map our own future. In 2015, my journey with medical qi gong began, and I enrolled in intensive instructor training with Chinese Doctor and medical qi gong Master, Ahjarn Toh, in the north of Thailand. The training involves movement and flow, a form, acupuncture, qi massage, taoist philosophy and Dharma teaching.

For some time now, I have recognised the body as more than a physical anatomy, that it is in fact, our seat of wisdom, self knowing, and a pathway to cultivate the connectedness of the human being with the universe. The more I study and practice, the more awareness and insights happen, and I feel increasingly empowered in my overall well-being, and life purpose. It has become a life-long discipline of continuous study and growth.

Professional commitment is:

  • to support you to develop and strengthen your inner resources, giving you the tools and greater greater resilience to improve, sustain, and optimise your overall wellbeing.

  • to give my full attentive presence to you without judgment.

  • to help you to gain insight into any conditions or issues (physical, emotional, and beyond) you bring and to hold the space for you to process whatever comes up.

  • to honour your unique individuality with full respect and care. 

Academic Qualifications

  • BA (Hons) Business Studies

  • Diploma  Humanistic & Psychodynamic Counselling

  • MA Integrative Counselling

Vocational Qualifications

  • Advanced Level 3 Diploma Traditional Thai Massage

  • Instructor Training: Medical Qi Gong (1000+ hrs direct teaching under Master Toh)

  • Diploma Indian Head Massage

  • Foundation Level 1 Shiatsu

  • Diploma Thai Oil Massage

  • Diploma Herbal Body Scrubs

  • Level 2 Reiki

professional Membership

Registered member of the British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP). I am bound to their ethical framework.

Previous Areas of Work

The scope of my work history includes, performance management, workplace learning and development, fashion retail, customer service, database management and logistics. I have also worked within the learning disability community supporting both individuals and facilitating groups with diverse portfolio support needs.

As well as my current private practice, I also work for a small start up facilitating workshops for children, isolated women, the elderly, and people living with dementia. The workshops invite individuals to explore maths philosophy such as reasoning, logic, connection, problem solving. Our aim is to facilitate exploratory, play based based learning to develop life skills, encourage curiosity, and inner potential.