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welcome to tao-harmony

Maintaining a healthy equilibrium between our mind, body and emotions gives us the awareness and resilience to stay connected with our sense of purpose, vitality and health. When we rely on one at the expense of another, it’s like working against ourselves and we suffer; mentally, emotionally, physically.

My holistic approach supports your optimum wellness and vitality; for you to regain a sense wholeness and harmony in your life.

I offer the below therapies:

Holistic Bodywork

Stagnant energy, pain and tension can accumulate in the body in countless ways, and I provide therapies for you to regain a sense of clarity, cohesion and harmony within yourself.

Sessions can be received on the massage table, or combine massage with qi gong movement and flow. My style is a fusion of Thai Acupressure, Therapeutic Massage, Medical Qi Gong, Qi Massage, fascia release and Indian Head Massage.


Integrative Therapy

Deciding to see counsellor is an important decision, giving you an opportunity to step out of everyday life, reflect on events, and speak to a professional who can help you make sense out of what is going on. I offer a confidential space where we can explore together your concerns and support you towards the changes you wish to make in your life.

My specialty is working with individuals looking for deeper meaning, abundance and possibility in their lives, perhaps questioning their identity, sexuality, cultural, social, behavioural patterns, and sense of belonging. I have worked with a diverse client base both in private practice and organisations since 2008.